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The motion of the two electrons in the helium atom can be imaged and controlled with attosecond-timed laser flashes

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Christian Ott, Andreas Kaldun, Luca Argenti, Philipp Raith, Kristina Meyer, Martin Laux, Yizhu Zhang, Alexander Blättermann, Steffen Hagstotz, Thomas Ding, Robert Heck, Javier Madroñero, Fernando Martín and Thomas Pfeifer

CP140509-PLEAIDES-EN(1)In an atom, electrons are often distinguished from “core”, closest to the core, and the “valence” electrons involved in the bonds between the atom and its neighbors if it is part of a molecule. In the latter case, the valence electrons are delocalized over the entire molecule, and it is difficult to know exactly which atom they belong.
With the sensitivity and accuracy of measuring devices at PLEIADES beamline in synchrotron SOLEIL, a team including French and Swedish researchers involved in XLIC Action has managed to trace the origin of atomic valence electrons ejected when X rays impact within a molecule.
Their work has been published in the online journal Nature Communications, on Friday, May 9, 2014.

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