XLIC outputs

On May 12, 2017, XLIC Action came to its end. During its four-years live time than 300 articles have been published acknowledging XLIC, many of them in high impact journals, prove of the scientific excellence of the Action. But the real success of XLIC has been to create a network of new collaborations among the most relevant European groups working in the understanding and control of the complex chemical dynamics of molecules interacting with XUV and X-ray radiation or highly energetic ions. Scientific breakthroughs in the study of processes in the attosecond time scale, as the ultrafast charge migration in molecules, has required to join the efforts of seve-ral theoretical and experimental groups. Many of these scientific achievements will be collected in a special issue of PCCP that will be available on line soon.

XLIC results obtained during the Action lifetime or benefitting from networking within the Action can be found below: