A research assistant position (predoctoral level) is offered in the Department of Chemistry at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) to work  in the generation of a database of Quantum Chemistry calculations of pesticides within a Proof of Concept project funded by the EU/PRTR and the Spanish Government.
It is a large project in which we are collaborating with industry with the final goal of predicting the environmental impact of pesticides. An important part of the project will be to generate a web-based application to disseminate the information among industrial companies and the automatization of processes to build an expert system to predict the environmental impact of pesticides.

This project will be initially funded for 15 months, but the selected candidate will be offered the possibility to extend it to do a PhD (the exact definition of the project will also depend on the candidate).

Starting date will be October 2022  In case of interest please also write to manuel.alcami@uam.es

Deadline to apply is September 5, 2022. More information through this link, or in the attached documents (SEPIA-PTA-call-english.pdf).
How to apply: https://xlic.qui.uam.es/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/SEPIA-PTA-additional-instructions.pdf


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