STSM by Károly Tokési, ATOMKI (HU) with Christoph Lemell, Vienna University of Technology (AT)
On April 18, 2017 (11 days)

Photoionization using attosecond streaking technique

The goal of the STSM was the investigation of the photoionization of water using attosecond streaking technique. We have determined all necessary input parameters in order to simulate photoelectron transport through water. We calculated the total and angular differential elastic and inelastic scattering cross sections with the elastic and inelastic mean free paths.

 During the STSM we improved our classical transport code including the special boundary conditions of our liquid system. We also improved the input data of the calculation, focusing on the lower energy range of the electron transport simulation. We took into account both elastic and inelastic collisions during the simulation. For the case of the elastic scattering of electrons we used the static field approximation with non-relativistic Schrödinger partial wave analysis. For the case of inelastic scattering we used the dielectric response formalism. We developed a new computer code to study the interaction between laser and water.

 The present STSM was very successful. The proposed objectives were achieved. A classical transport code was improved, which allows the theoretical study of electron emission from liquid water excited with external laser fields by streaking technique.

We provided an important contribution to the deeper understanding of the physics of electron emission in laser-water collisions. The material science community, in particular the physics of condensed matter, and also applied research in atomic manipulation on surfaces will clearly gain from this new understanding.

The results will be published in international journals. The support of the COST Action will be greatly acknowledged in the publications.

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