STSM by Patrick Rousseau, Université de Caen Normandie FRT) with Per Johnsson, Lund University (SE)
On July 29, 2016 (9 days)

XUV attosecond ionisation of ferrocene: fragmentation and charge dynamics

How charge and energy redistribute in a complex molecular system? What are timescales of subsequent electronic and nuclear dynamics? These questions are the main topics of the present STSM.

In the Lund Laser Centre, in collaboration with the group of Per Johnsson, we have investigated the ionisation of ferrocene by XUV attosecond pulse trains (APTs). This organometallic molecule [Fe(C5H5)2] is formed by an iron atom in sandwich between two aromatic rings. During this one week STSM, we successfully obtained results on the ionisation/fragmentation of the ferrocene which paved the way for a next experimental campaign on time-resolved measurements.

We have measured the fragmentation mass spectra following the ionisation by XUV APT. The molecular fragmentation is reduced as shown by the intense peak of intact molecule. Moreover due to the photon energy a good signal of the intact molecular dication is also observed. Covariance measurements have been also obtained and their analysis is under progress. Together with fragmentation patterns, the obtained results during this STSM will allow to select some decay channels to be specifically studied using XUV pump-XUV probe time resolved technique.

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