DESY, Hamburg location, is seeking for a Research Scientist (f/m) in theoretical chemical dynamics (Tenure Track)

The position

  • Lead the development of computational tools for describing ultrafast processes in polyatomic systems (includes both quantum-dynamical techniques as well as mixed quantum-classical approaches)
  • Identify experimentally relevant applications and provide guidance to experimentalists
  • Pursue independent and collaborative research in the area of ultrafast light-matter interactions
  • Communicate developments to the scientific community


  • A PhD in theoretical physics or theoretical chemistry
  • Expert knowledge in quantum-dynamical or mixed quantum-classical
  • Expert knowledge in chemical dynamics, particularly non-Born-Oppenheimer dynamics
  • Strong background in scientific computing and software development
  • Excellent English skills

For further information read this [Download not found] or contact Prof. Dr. Robin Santra +49-40-8998- 6300.


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