Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network: “ASPIRE”

 As previously announced, the “ASPIRE” ITN-ETN will commence in March and is recruiting twelve Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to start their positions around September 2016.  These ESRs will have the opportunity to register for a PhD as part of their training, and will each be recruited to one of the nine academic and industrial member institutions located across Europe.

“ASPIRE” stands for “Angular Studies of Photoelectron in Innovative Research Environments”.  The ASPIRE network will focus on the measurement of Molecular Frame Photoelectron Angular Distributions (MF-PADs), which can be interpreted as electron diffraction patterns achieved by “illuminating the molecule from within”, and enable the electronic structure and dynamics of molecules to be interrogated. Progress in this area is highly technologically driven, requiring ever more sophisticated light sources and faster detectors.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Networks provide a unique experience for young researchers, who benefit from secondments and travel opportunities as well as network based training and research.   Successful candidates, who must fulfil the eligibility criteria concerning experience and mobility, will receive an attractive salary package, including generous mobility and family allowances, in accordance with the MSCA regulations for ESRs.

More details, including the projects and positions currently available, can be found on the ASPIRE website,, which will be updated at regular intervals.  We would be grateful if you could direct this announcement to potential candidates.



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