A Consortium of 12 European Universities and 14 associated partners, including 9 private companies, under the coordination of the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid, offers 15 fully-funded 3-year PhD fellowships within the European Joint Doctorate Program in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (EJD-TCCM), funded under the framework of the Innovative Training Networks of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action ITN-EJD-642294. TCCM. A detailed list of the projects and the institutions involved can be consulted on our website: http://emtccm.qui.uam.es/?page_id=875


The research projects are focused on three fields:

  • Molecular materials: to design new materials with special properties that open new applications in nanoelectronics, nanomagnetism, gas-sensing, gas separation or catalysis.
  • Biomelecules at the frontier for new therapies: To extend the modelling techniques of biomolecules to new problems in the frontier of physics, chemistry and biology by treating the interaction with photons for the design of photostable drugs or new photosensitizers for cancer phototherapies or by treating the interaction with ions to design new methods for structural characterization, or the interaction with highly charged heavy ions for cancer treatments.
  • Energy: to design more efficient compounds for photovoltaic organic cells and to design new materials for energy storage.

 We offer

  • A 3-year European Joint Doctorate with cross-disciplinary thesis research in an stimulating, international scientific environment.
  • Working in top European Universities in at least two different countries
  • Supervision and mentorship by a team of internationally renowned experts.
  • Advanced training (scientific, transferable skills, career orientation) opportunities in English.
  • 2-10 months placement in private companies
  • An employment contract with full social security coverage

 How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online at our website http://emtccm.qui.uam.es/?page_id=1282 .

The deadline is 15th April 2015.
PhD projects start in summer/autumn 2015.

Please address your questions to ejdtccm@uam.es

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