STSM by Philipp Marquetand and Matthias Ruckenbauer, University of Vienna, Wien (AT)  with Tamas Rozgonyi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Budapest (HU)
On July  21th, 2014 (6  days)UNIVIE-Logo_RGB_01

Adiabatic elimination for strong-field ionization with quantum dynamics

We develop a simplified theoretical description and the corresponding code for the quantum-dynamics simulation of strong-field multiphoton ionization. Any occurring intermediate off-resonant states are not treated explicitly in the propagation but removed by adiabatic elimination (ADEL) from the system of equations of motion. For the representation of the ionization continuum, a Legendre-polynomial based discretization ansatz (DIC) is used.
In this STSM, we evaluated various critical assumptions in the ADEL for the case of one-dimensional quantum-dynamics (QD). Especially, the validity of neglecting the kinetic energy on the states to be eliminated in the ADEL and the applicability of the multiphoton rotating wave approximation required in-depth consideration. The final equations of motion were integrated in a QD code and first tests showed an excellent agreement between the propagations of the full system including off-resonant states and when using ADEL.
In discussion with Prof. Dr. Thomas Weinacht (Stony Brook University) who was on a research visit in Budapest during the STSM we agreed on a concrete joint project for a mixed theoretical-experimental publication.


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