Ultrafast electron dynamics in molecules: Working Group 1 Meeting of COST Action CM1204
London, UK.
Thu. 3rd – Fri. 4th July 2014

The first WG1 meeting of COST CM1204 Action was organized by Dr. Olga Smirnova  at University College London. It was aimed at discussing forefront problems and promoting collaborations between the partners.

The meeting was organized in the style similar to Faraday discussions. Five discussion leaders together with the Core groups of participants  formulated discussion materials that were available on-line since early April:

  • Topic 1: XFEL and X-ray spectroscopy: experiment (Discussion leader: Jon Marangos)
  • Topic 2: Theory of atoms and molecules under intense short wavelength radiation  (Discussion leader: Peter Lambropoulos)
  • Topic 3:  High harmonic spectroscopy (Discussion leader: Yann Mairesse)
  • Topic 4: Time-dependent computational methods for multielectron systems in external fields   (Discussion leader: Alejandro Saenz)
  • Topic 5: Multielectron ionization & coupled electron-nuclear dynamics (Discussion leader:  Agapi Emmanouilidou )

In addition there were two “Work in groups” sessions:

  • Group 1: TDDFT and applications to attosecond spectroscopy
    Discussion leaders: Francoise Remacle  and Franck Lepine
  • Group 2: Electron dynamics in strong IR fields
    Discussion leader: Bernard Piraux

Other participants of WG1 read these discussion materials and responded, by sending the abstracts of their contributions. All abstracts were accepted. The program was created on the basis of those materials.

The number of participants was 85, with 13 Action countries represented.
The final program of the meeting can be found below.

The Local Organiser,
Dr. Olga Smirnova

Max-Born Institute
Max-Born strasse 2a, 12489 Berlin
e-mail: olga.smirnova@mbi-berlin.de

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