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STSM by Marta Tarkanovskaja, University of Tartu (EE)  with Edwin Kukk, University of Turku (FI)
On May 18, 2015 (7 days)

Partial ion yield study of gas-phase acetamide and acetic acid clusters

Clusters of a variety of molecules are receiving increasing attention due to thier unique size-dependent physicochemical properties in the transition from gas to condensed phase and wide number of possible applications in electronics, biomedicine, and materials science. Theoretical and experimental investigations of molecular clusters structure and properties is an attractive growing field of research.

We used vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) photoionization mass spectroscopy and partial ion yield (PIY) technique to study gas-phase homogeneous clusters of acetamide and acetic acid molecules produced by the supersonic expansion source in order to explore their electronic properties as a function of their size. We were able to produce acetamide clusters containing up to eight molecules (Fig. 1) and acetic acid clusters containing up to seven molecules. From the PIY measurements, PIY curves were extracted showing yield of ions as a function of photon energy. Analyzing the slopes of these curves, appearance energies of acetic acid clusters up to tetramer and acetamide clusters up to hexamer were experimentally determined.

The obtained results allow to learn novel information about dissociation patterns and fragmentation pathways of the acetamide and acetic acid clusters followed by valence region ionization. Comparison of these two compounds can specifically give an answer concerning the role of the -NH2 or -OH functional groups on the energetic properties of the acetic acid or acetic acid amide clusters. To conclude, the goal of this scientific mission was achieved – data analysis was finalized and writing the article about homogeneous acetamide clusters PIY study has begun.


Figure 1. Positive ion time of flight spectrum of acetamide clusters measured at hʋ = 9.8 eV. The numbers correspond to the amount of acetamide molecules contained in a protonated cluster.

A one-year postdoctoral contract is available in the Campus group ( at the Chemistry Department of the University Autónoma de Madrid (Spain).

 The research project:
The aim of the project is to develop a theory for the description of dynamical processes involving energy and charge transfer in molecule-surface interactions. The project involves the use state-of-the-art methodologies to study these complex processes in periodic systems.

 Candidate Profile:
PhD degree in Physics or Chemical Physics,
– Strong background in quantum chemistry, including the modeling of electronic excited states.
– Experience in FORTRAN programming, treatment of periodic systems and/or dynamical calculations will be positively considered.

Starting date:
The position is expected to start between March 1st and June 1st, 2015.

Gross salary
(before applying national income taxes) is 27.000 Euros/year (net salary around 1.700 Euros/month depending on the personal situation of the candidate).

Applicants should send his/her CV, including the names of two persons of reference, and contact information (in a single pdf file named as the candidate) to before 1st February 2015 (Applications not following this procedure will be disregarded).
Recommendation letters could be requested during the selection process.
Selected candidates shall be contacted for an interview.

The 2nd General Meeting of the COST Action CM1204 “XUV/X-ray light and fast ions for ultrafast chemistry (XLIC)” was held from 10th to 12th of September, 2014 in Poland. Gdansk University of Technology hosted 91 guests from 22 countries. It is important to note that almost half of participants where PhD Students or Early Stage Researchers.

This three-day meeting was divided into nine speaking sessions, two of them taken by young researchers. This two sessions composed the 1st Young Scientists Forum of COST Action, where young scientists presented 12 talks selected from a set of send proposals. Other 24 lectures were given by invited speakers. From scientific point of view our meeting was very fruitful and many talks were provided by experimentalists. Some new collaborations have been set.

DSC_8573_fullAt the end of the first day, there was the XLIC Management Committee meeting and there were two  poster sessions with 84 poster contributions.

Final meeting program, participants list and book of abstracts can be downloaded following the links below.

The Local Organiser,
Józef E. Sienkiewicz
Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland

and Local organizing committee:
– Justyna Ksionek (conference office:
– Ewa Erdmann
– Julien Guthmuller
– Jan Franz
– Patryk Jasik
– Tymon Kilich
– Marta Łabuda
– Magdalena Staniszewska
– Paweł Syty
– Marcin Wiatr
at Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics, ul. Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk, Poland.

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