September 9, 2014 – September 11, 2014 all-day
Gdańsk University of Technology
Gdańsk University of Technology
Gabriela Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdańsk
Justyna Ksionek
2nd XLIC General Meeting - Gdansk, 2014 @ Gdańsk University of Technology | Gdańsk | pomorskie | Poland

The Second General Meeting of XLIC COST Action will take place in Gdansk, 10-12 September, 2014.

The Local Organiser is Pr. Józef E. Sienkiewicz (Politechnika Gdanska, Gdansk, Poland)

The conference site with registration panel is already available, including the list of invited speakers and preliminary program. XLIC Management Committee meeting will take place during the evening of September 10, 2014. A Young Scientists Forum will be organized on September 11. Young Scientists having carried out a STSM before the meeting will be allowed to present the results derived from their mission. Other young scientists may be selected to presents their latest results.

Important dates

  • Young Scientist Forum:
    Registration: 8.06.2014
    Abstracts submission: 8.06.2014
    Selection of abstracts to be presented during the YSF sessions: 30.06.2014
  • Other participants:
    Registration: 8.07.2014
    Abstracts submission: 8.07.2014



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